About Ebca Mission and Vision

An open trade agenda

The Alliance is seeking an open EU and global trade agenda that benefits all stakeholders. We continue to support the European Commission’s work to secure fair market access at both multilateral and bilateral levels, and to negotiate Free Trade Agreements with key commercial partners.

EBCA promotes the simplification, harmonization and standardization of trade procedures to reduce the cost and length of transaction processes and facilitate trade flows for traditional retail and e-commerce.

Responsible competitiveness

The social and environmental responsibilities that come with manufacturing and retailing in multiple countries are a high priority for our members. All members are committed to upholding rigorous and internationally recognised standards of corporate responsibility across the full range of our operations. We are pleased to work closely with trade unions and other civil society organisations in countries where we operate to ensure consistency in achieving these standards.

Supporting jobs and innovation

The members of the Alliance manufacture in Europe and in many emerging countries, and all have significant investments in design, research, logistics, marketing and retail activities in the EU. We strongly support the EU’s economic agenda focusing on creating an environment that supports innovation and R&D. Our members continue to make heavy investments in R&D activities in Europe and playing a leading role in fostering innovation in materials and processes.

Protecting consumer interests

We place the interests of consumers at the heart of our agenda. The Alliance believes that European policy-makers should give careful consideration to the impact that trade policy measures can have on consumers. EU trade policy should seek to balance the interests of European producers and retailers with the priorities of many millions of dispersed consumers who are faced with challenging economic times and tight budgets.

Become a Member
If you would like to know more about EBCA’s unique services or inquire about membership, please contact our secretariat.