About Ebca The branded Clothing Industry

Branded clothing is the centrepiece of the global fashion industry and a significant part of the creative economy.

The product range covers apparel, shoes, bags, and accessories. The common denominator of companies and brands represented by EBCA is the organisation of a global value chain along brand and product development, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, sales and retail channels. This makes the business highly trade intensive.

The branded clothing industry has a significant economic and employment footprint in the Europe.

A study by Copenhagen Economics, a consultancy, estimates that the activities in the branded clothing value chain in the EU generate value added across the region in the order of €300 billion, and thereby significantly contribute to the European economy and growth.

The industry supports 4 million jobs in R&D, design, purchasing, distribution, marketing and services. These functions create between 50 to 80 pct of the value of a final product are in fact added in the EU.

This means that Europe retains those jobs which require the highest skills, add most economic value and command the highest wages.

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