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EBCA welcomes Commission initiative for an EU Strategy for sustainable textiles

The European Branded Clothing Alliance (EBCA) welcomes the European Commission’s initiative for an EU Strategy for sustainable textiles and believes it constitutes a good opportunity for the EU to strengthen its industrial capability and lead the transition to a circular and sustainable economy.

Big brands have a responsibility to set the right example through consistent and ambitious labour, social and environmental standards and are already contributing to multiple industry initiatives in the countries with whom they trade. Nevertheless, the industry still faces several barriers and challenges that must be addressed to ensure it remains competitive before introducing new requirements.

In this position paper, we focus on the following objectives that we believe the European Commission should be taken into account in the Strategy:

1. Ensure a free, functioning and fair-trade system and level playing field

2. Create a coherent framework, market and incentives for sustainable products

3. Inform consumers through a common methodology and standardization

4. Ensure harmonisation and policy coherence among EU policy initiatives

5. Develop pragmatic and smart mix of due diligence and transparency rules

Download the full position paper HERE.

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