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Grouping some of the largest, most famous and well-respected corporations and brands in the fashion industry, the European Branded Clothing Alliance (EBCA) promotes its members’ trade policy and market access interests.

On behalf of our members we engage with decision makers and influencers on political and technical level in Brussels and beyond. We act as a knowledge partner and make sure our arguments are taken into account in regulatory and policy developments. We are the ears and eyes for our members, provide intelligence and analysis and a unique combination of sector specific trade competence and expertise.

Members benefit from the regular and vital exchange of information on regulatory and trade policy aspects impacting the industry and contribute in a collaborative environment to shape the alliance’s agenda. For more detailed information on our services please download our brochure.

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Do you have questions about membership? Please call +32 2 5882616 or send us a message and the secretariat will get in touch with you.

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